Pamela Brown designs jewelry with a cultural and spiritual history to enhance communication and understanding on a global scale. By following her own “trade route” she collects and creates one of a kind necklaces and bracelets to help others navigate the winding path of their own journey. The theme of "Strands of Art- Circles of Time" will engage you to affirm your inner compass and choose from your own special gems to create with Pamela a STONEPRINTS “Commission” necklace or bracelet that will become a treasured heirloom in your family.
Necklaces shown are the Nevada Necklaces created in 2003 for First Lady Dema Guinn and presented at Neiman Marcus to launch Stoneprints and honor her service to Nevada. These necklaces will one day be archived with other gubernatorial memorabilia into the Nevada State Museum for posterity. Barrick Goldstrike Mines donated the solid gold nuggets from Nevada mines and I hoped to symbolize the raw but elegant beauty of our state. The larger nuggets are 10.5 and 15.7 grams each and the smaller ones range from 3 to 4 grams each.
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