Pamela Brown creates one-of-a-kind personalized pieces of jewelry which inspire collectors to define their own timeless and individual style. The artist encourages you to move beyond a fashion statement to create a current cosmopolitan look that takes personal adornment to a new aesthetic. Luxurious pearls, brilliant gemstones and amulets gathered from travels around the world create an unforgettable impression that rivals a couture runway.

" STONEPRINTS designs are comprised of semi-precious gemstones,antique amulets, amber, precious metals, coral, wood with freshwater and saltwater pearls. Diverse elements are threaded by hand into multiple STRANDS OF ARTTM and range in price from $1500 to $15,000. Unique combinations of color and texture infuse each one of a kind piece with an individual personality and unique name . Art connects with culture to create an indelible mark on the Fashion World with every collage of natural elegance. Stoneprints Designs have been featured at Neiman Marcus, Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, Forum Shops at Caesars, Kneeland Art Gallery in Sun Valley, and Trunk Shows In Park City, Santa Fe , Elko, Winston Salem, Baltimore, and Washington DC. Please visit the new website under construction to view the collections from Africa, The Americas, The Far East, Eurasia and the Oceans. My travels have inspired me always to study all cultures and to collect amulets and gemstones that have become the foundation for my work as an artist.

"As I finish each design, a name comes to mind as I hope each individual piece will carry a message to its future owner. I particularly love the moment when my client's face lights up when she finds the perfect match to enhance her own individual beauty as it becomes integral to her wardrobe and her life.”

- Pamela Brown 2003- Neiman Marcus Launch of Stoneprints

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